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"Propaganda in Focus provides a forum for expert opinion and analysis about propaganda and its consequences, facilitating debate over more democratic and progressive forms of organised persuasive communication and censored scholarship. Its aim is to not only facilitate understanding of the strategies and tactics deployed by propagandists, but to also engender fuller and more open debate of the issues and subject areas that have been marginalised or suppressed because of the pernicious effects of propaganda and its role in terms of feeding and underpinning broader ideological narratives.

It includes spaces for both short and long form articles as well as censored scholarship. In particular, the editors recognize the global emergence of oppression and systematic censorship and the urgent need for public communication unencumbered by vested interests. We encourage free inquiry and the open exchange of ideas and dialogues in theories and practices." Source

Especially noteworthy is:

What we don’t know is killing us: The urgency of propaganda study under COVID by Professor Mark Crispin Miller

Counter-Disinformation Fails: Feedback from a Target by Professor Tim Hayward

Wall Street, the Nazis, and the Crimes of the Deep State by Dr David A Hughes

Democracy Lost: Propaganda, Character Assassination and the Campaign Against Professor David Miller by Dr Piers Robinson

Propaganda in Academia by Professor Tim Hayward